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Selecting The Best Portable Generator

Portable generators have become an important component of our lives. They provide an alternative source of electrical power when the grid power is not in operation. They also provide power to areas not covered by the grid system. A portable generator can provide service in construction sites, camping sites and even on recreational vehicles.

In the home or office, a portable generator provides electrical power to stand alone devices such as a home stereo, television set or even a computer.

They are available in various sizes depending on your need. The beauty with portable generators is that they do not need the expertise of a professional to install. Extension cords connect your appliance to the portable generator.

Portable generators use fuel from any number of sources. Fuel sources include gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas or bio-diesel. The fuel type used also has a bearing on the cost of the portable generator. Most generators receive fuel from on board tanks and therefore only operate for a limited period.

Gasoline Powered

Generators that use gasoline to operate are slightly cheaper than those that use other fuel Click Here types. Gasoline powered generators require stabilized gasoline stocks to operate. Stabilized gasoline has a shelf life of about two years after which it needs to be discarded. Gasoline powered generators need frequent maintenance to prevent cold weather start up problems caused by gum deposits on the fuel system.

Diesel Powered

Diesel powered generators are a bit more expensive. Diesel has a longer shelf life, is less flammable and the engine is less noisy. Propane has a long shelf life. Portable generators that use propane have multi-fuel capability. Where one type of fuel is not available, a simple adjustment Check Out This Article will allow it to operate on another type of fuel.


Features that you require will determine the generator you buy. Most portable generators have an electrical switch component for easy start up. They are also fitted with circuit breakers to avoid damage caused by overloading. Most are also fitted with wheels to allow easy mobility. Sensitive gadgets such as computers and printers require a generator with inverter technology to provide clean power.

Connecting Your Generator

Connecting devices to the portable generator is a simple matter. You only need extension cables to connect a device in the house and the generator. Portable generators should be at least 15 feet away to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and accumulation of dangerous fumes. You need to provide shelter for the generator to protect it from snow and rain. Always choose a model that has received certification from a recognized quality agency such as Underwriters Laboratories(UL).

Use heavy-duty extension cords to connect your appliances to the generator. To reduce the number of extension cables required, use a 4-wire extension cord. That way you are able to power more devices at a go. Portable generators may also back up the grid source in the house by connecting through a transfer switch. A transfer switch isolates the generator from the grid system and prevents back feeding which is dangerous for both the generator and the grid system.

Example of a Portable Generator

The Generac 5626 GP7000E is a good example of a portable generator that provides efficient service wherever required. A strong steel tube structure protects the generator from external damage. It is fitted with wheels allowing portability over any kind of terrain. It is suitable for use at home, at a construction site and even on a campsite.

Other features include a low tone muffler that enables quiet operation and an electrical ignition system to facilitate easy start-up. It is fitted with an air and an oil filter that sifts dirt and other undesirable substances from the engine thus allowing smooth operation of the generator.

The generator is fitted with an Overhead Value Industrial (OHVI) engine, which has a number of great features such as 200-hour service between oil changes and a full pressure lubrication system that oils all the critical areas of the engine as it runs. It is also fitted with an 8-liter steel tank that provides at least 11 hours of uninterrupted service.

The Generac 5626 GP7000E provides 7000 watts of output and is capable of powering security systems and computer systems. It provides essential service for outdoor events such as parties by powering musical systems, electrical grills and lights.

This portable generator is capable of powering lawn mowers and other workshop machinery such as table saws. It is fitted with a circuit breaker to prevent power overloads and allows clean supply of power to all your appliances. This generator has a two-year warranty.


In summary decide on the generator that you buy, based on the features and electrical load that you will be requiring. The fuel type that you decide on will greatly effect the purchase price and the long-term performance (and maintenance ) of your generator.

Always be sure to use proper connection equipment and cords when using your generator.

About the Author:

Michael Boyter publishes unbiased information and reviews of power generators at AboutGenerators. For answers to the best portable generator question, please visit his Web site.


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